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Each of our locations has its own personality and atmosphere. From classic to contemporary, we are committed to producing simple dishes using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.The most popular 2017 spy software applications for the mobile phones.

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Often hailed the ‘Style Bible’, Vogue places fashion in the context and culture of the world we live in. The publication creates and leads trends on how we dress, live, eat and socialise. Creating the future, Vogue is visionary and relevant.

Our Vogue branded restaurants are a combination of contemporary cuisine, sleek décor and impeccable service that embodies Vogue, celebrating the fashion forward foodie.

VOGUE Lounge


Launched in the US as Gentleman’s Quarterly, GQ currently comprises of 19 international editions, offering an informed opinion on culture and lifestyle.

GQ Bar is brought to life with international menus and innovative mixology, set within a refined and understated space which celebrates the discerning gentleman.

GQ Bar

Tatler is the oldest magazine brand in the world. The Tatler, as it was first known, changed the course of English journalism, becoming the first magazine to apply intelligent mind to gossip. Tatler remains the embodiment of wit, style and social standing.

Tatler Club is a vibrant expression of the magazine, a destination filled with cosmopolitan, fun-loving individuals looking for a memorable time, timeless dishes and signature serves.


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